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Damage to your home can come from many different causes, and when there is damage, you will need to make an insurance claim to have the damage paid for. This is a long process that many home owners find out can end in their claims being denied. If you want to be prepared to make the insurance claims to pay for repairs to your home, then you will want to know the top 5 reasons why insurance claims get denied, and what you can do to prevent this from happening to you when you have to make a home owners insurance claim.

1. Pre-existing Conditions That Are Consider Negligent By Insurance Companies.

Sometimes our homes can have problems that we have not been able to take care of. This can be problems with insects, and animals that damage our home. It can also be small repairs that we have not had a chance to get done before disaster struck. Insurance companies can claim that these problems were due to negligence on your part, and they may deny insurance claims do to these problems.

2. Late Payments For Your Premiums.

With every insurance policy that we have, we have annual premiums that we have to pay. Home owners can make these payments in one payment, or they can make a payment arrangement with the insurance company to pay the annual premiums. The payments on the premiums should be paid on time, and if they are not, this may be cause for an insurance company to deny you of your home owners’ insurance claim.

3. Information Missing From Your Insurance Application.

When we fill out our insurance policy application, there are a lot of questions that have to be answered.  Sometimes people may deliberately submit false information, and sometimes there may just be a mistake on the application. This misinformation on your insurance application can cause problems when you need to make an insurance claim. It may even be cause for the insurance company to deny the claims on your home owners insurance.

4. The Cost Of Repairs Exceeds The Amount Of Your Insurance Coverage.

Most insurance policies have a dollar amount for the amount of costs that they will cover. This can be less than what your home repairs can cost sometimes. If the amount of the repairs that you need done exceeds this amount, the insurance may deny your insurance claim.

5. The Damage Was Caused By Something That Your Insurance Policy Does Not Cover.

Many people find out the hard way, that their home owners insurance does not cover all types of damage. Many insurance policies will not cover things like water damage. There are also some policies that have clauses in them, which list things that the insurance policy will not cover. This is why it is important to read through your home owners’ policy carefully to know what you have coverage for.

How to Prevent This from Happening to You.

Just because you have been denied an insurance claim for repairs to your home, does not mean that you have to give up. There are many things that can be done to prevent this from happening to you.  It is a good idea to read through your insurance policy and understand all of the legal phrasing. You also want to make sure that the information that the insurance company has is correct, and keep up with problems in your home that may need repair. If you have done everything that you were supposed to, and the insurance company still denies your insurance claim, you will want to seek legal representation. There are law firms that will be able to help you get a settlement to pay for repairs to your home. When you have had a homeowner insurance clam denied, they will defend you.

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